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Thoughts Winter Brings to Mind

For years, the winter season has become one of the most anticipated times of the year. The Winter season occurs after autumn and is one of the coldest seasons in the year. Whether your surroundings have mountains filled with snow or not, the winter feeling gets to you no matter where you are.

Although many people think the winter season limits them because of the cold and snowy weather, others can not wait to be at that moment again. When you think about winter, you get to relive so many memories and think about the next winter to come.

Many people think of the kind of food they get to eat in this season and how beautiful they look in winter clothes. Others might think of the feeling of having a hot cup of coffee in this season, exploring the snow-covered state, or sitting on a blanket while reading and drinking coffee.

In all, humans cannot help feeling the holiday spirit this season comes with, and different images are bound to run in your mind. For me, winter brings many thoughts to mind, such as the Christmas season, family tradition, and snowy days.

1. Christmas Season

This time of the year gives more charm to winter. It being one of the favorite seasons of everyone even as children, the Christmas period is one part of winter that everyone eagerly waits to come. It is because, in this period, many fun activities occur like: looking for a tree to cut down and decorate. Also, this season brings to mind the ritual of opening gifts during Christmas morning with loved ones.

Most people also think about the baking spree they engage themselves in and the time they spend with family and friends. Children find this time more exciting than other periods of the year, and you will always hear a kid say: ‘I can’t wait for Christmas.’ Just thinking of the countless gifts they receive each Christmas makes winter a much-anticipated period for them.

2. Family Traditions

It is one function that almost everybody engages in during the winter season. Before the winter season, many people have jobs packed up for them, and most do not get to visit their families. But, one advantage of this season is that families get to come together to hold their events. It is a core aspect that makes thinking about the winter season fun.

Some people get to watch movies together, sing Christmas hymns, bake and cook together, or even camp. With the air getting colder, the thoughts of being with family and all the memories spent with them gets more exciting.

3. Snowy Days

Have you ever been in a snowy situation or watched snowfall? The Winter season brings back this memory and feelings. On snowy days, people tend to go outside with their scarves and gloves while walking in the falling snow with tall boots.

For high school and college kids, they want classes to end so that they will run in the snow and play with their friends. For couples, sitting and home and watching the snowfall while cuddling on the couch with a blanket is one thought they cannot take of the mind.

Imagine you sitting close to your window, drinking coffee and reading a book while watching the snowfall. Although this sounds exciting, these are not the only thoughts winter brings to mind. Other thoughts include building snow angels with friends, cozy fires with loved ones, sledding, Christmas carols, handmade cards, and also snowboarding.

Having these thoughts brings me a certain sense of happiness every time because it is my favorite season of all. Nevertheless, this feeling can be different for everybody, and everyone might not share the same thinking. So, what do you love about winter, and what thoughts does it bring to you? Share the favorite things you love about winter with us, and let us get to know you more.

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