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W 0 R K P L A C E

As governments around the world look to ease lockdowns, companies are searching for safe ways to get their employees back to work as soon as possible. Safety as well as mental and physical well-being are now firmly at the top of the corporate agenda. Employees will demand a safe workplace — they felt secure and protected in their homes, they will want to feel equally safe when they return to the workplace.

Cultural Change

Companies have a responsibility to create a work environment that minimises the potential for virus transmission. They also have a responsibility to develop a new culture and promote responsible behaviours such as social distancing and enhanced hygiene practices.

Introduce Floor

Employers have to ensure that the people who are present in the office follow Public Health England guidelines on social distancing. To get these implemented at workplace, they must introduce Floor stickers that will guide employees to stay at a safer distance from each other.


It becomes really important that you have signs and posters around the workplace to remind employees of the risks of COVID-19 and the mandatory steps that are necessary to stop its spread. Posters can be on what is COVID-19, how it can be stopped from spreading, guidelines to wash hands and also the physical distancing requirements.

Introduce Posters defining Instructions For Elevator

Elevators are another area where you get in close contact with people. So there must be mandatory changes while using elevators now, such as limiting the number of people per elevator, disinfecting the hands after pressing buttons & not to lean on walls.

Webxcell Digital encourages to print the mentioned signs and posters and to put up around your workplace. These cover all aspects of promoting hygiene and advice of workplace culture change due to COVID-19. If you want to get these posters custom designed, you can opt for our Graphic Design service.

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