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If Keyboards Could Talk

In the era of technological advancement we are, individuals are seeking knowledge on the net because it is a good source of information. But, imagine what would happen if an electronic device like a keyboard could talk to you.

You open your PC to search for something, and immediately you click on a keyboard key, it starts talking. Sounds like what you see in a movie, right? Many persons will feel that they are leaving a dream, and the world would soon turn upside down.

But, what if a keyboard could speak? What do you think will happen? If a keyboard could talk to humans, I believe that it would have a couple of things to tell us. You don’t think so? Let us look at things this device will likely tell us.

1. It Would Tell You to Take A Break and Let It Sleep

It is one thing a keyboard will surely tell all its constant users. If my keyboard could talk, I am sure it will want me to get it a breathing space so it could sleep. Imagine you typing on your keyboard, and one day you hear a voice saying something like: “Hey dude, go get a life and get your hands off me.”

It will not be the fault of the keyboard because many people spend all their hours and time surfing for information on the net. Others want to overcome idealness, and they go to different social media available.

2. Thank You for Dressing Me Up

It might not be the case for everyone, but I am sure my keyboard will always love me for providing it with a silicone protector. Do not think this is so? Let me explain. Because we frequently place the keyboard on the table, it is usually prone to food and crumbs that fall on it more than five times a day. So, assuming that a keyboard could talk, it would always thank you for protecting it from dirt.

3. Say What You Are Thinking

Another thing our keyboard would tell us if they could speak is that people should be more honest and open with their thoughts. It is because many people backspace and delete messages when typing. Humans are notable for holding back emotions and thoughts and frequently hide them away.

Some get afraid of losing someone or saying hurtful things with their thoughts. So, they bottle it up. I don’t know for you, but I assume that our keyboards would prefer that we be honest with everyone we know than having to hold back feelings.

This way, we do not get emotional on it by using it as a medium to pour out thoughts.

4. It Tells You Who You Are

If a keyboard could talk, it would tell us more about ourselves than most people will. Why is it so, you ask? It is because there are countless things that we look-up on the internet that we would never tell our friends. These things could be something mortifying or a dark secret.

But then, we spend so much time on our keyboards that they could see right through us and can dictate every part of our lives.

If a keyboard could speak, it would know the ins and out of everybody’s life and will even be able to perform tasks like serving as an alarm, calendar, or confident. Many humans are introvert. Hence, they find it difficult to associate with others. It will give the keyboard that avenue to know so many things and act many roles in our life without us being conscious of it.

Many people will not agree with this ideology, but it is a fact, believe it or not. Don’t think this is possible? Quickly type in the contact you call frequently and see if your keyboard will bring out the details before you. What do you think your keyboard will say to you if it could talk?

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