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How to Start A Blog Without Knowing How to Code

If you think that blogging should be only for people who know how to code, think again. Though previously starting a blog required some complex coding languages like CSS and HTML, it is not.

In the technologically advanced worldtoday, you can easily create a blog with software like WordPress. WordPress allows you to create a blog without using codes. Now, I start a blog without knowing how to code and be a tech wizard. Well, it is simple. Just follow these steps and build your blog without coding using WordPress.

  1. Seta Goal for Your Blog

The first step for creating your blog is defining the goal you want your website to achieve. Many people skip this step and jump into designing a website. It will make that blog without aim and thus will not attract readers. Before you begin anything, ask yourself, “what do I want to achieve?”

Maybe you hear people talk about their blogs, and you want to own one like them. Or you heard that blogging pays so, you want to start one. Well, you might successfully develop one but, what if after building it, you become tired and the site dies just like that. What then have you achieved? Setting a goal for your blog will help you understand what you want and how best to go about it.

  1. KnowYour Audience

So, you have thought about your goal. The next thing to do is to figure out the target audience. Try to know who you are writing for because the success of your blog depends on them. To define your audience, think about the reason you started the blog in the first place.

If your goal is to help entrepreneurs know how to get their products to clients through online marketing, your audience should be entrepreneurs. Defining your audience will help you publish articles that are relevant to the right readers.

  1. Adopta Different Strategy

The market today is full of competition because everybody wants to grab attention for their business. So, it would help if you adopted a strategy that is unique to only you. To do this, know what you are competing with. You may think that your competition is just other bloggers. But this is not the case. Many people could choose to watch a Tv show or news over reading your blog.

Therefore, you have to create creative, innovative, and unconventional content to grab the reader’s attention. But to do this, you cannot employ the same strategies as others. Adopt a different view.

  1. Finda Good Host Company

Now, this is where a bit of technicality comes to play. The host company provides you with a cybernetic land to run your website. This situation is like renting a store to sell your goods. The only difference is that getting a hosting company is digitally inclined.

The hosting provider will make sure that people can reach your site, and they also provide automatic backup for your site.

  1. InstallWordPress and Familiarize Yourself with it

After getting a hosting company, connect to WordPress, and get familiar with it. Look at the settings and input how many posts you want viewable per page if you want comments on your articles or the type of plugins you need. You can use plugins like Easy Google Fonts, Jetpack, Yoast SEO, or WP Smush. They will work well for your website.

  1. Chooseyour Theme

Have you noticed that we haven’t mentioned using codes? Well, that’s the idea. In WordPress, choosing descriptions cost a lot because there are no decent free themes. But one advantage of WordPress is that you can buy a theme, without the help of a developer. Some great themes to look out for are the Olsen theme by CSSIgniter and Authority Pro theme by StudioPress.

  1. DontObsess Over A Design.

One piece of advice I always give to people who wish to design a site is not to waste their time designing it. Don’t get me wrong. Designs are great and would give that professional look to your blog. But imagine after a series of designs, you post an article, and no one reads them; what then? You will probably regret that you wasted time.

Know that not many people care about design. The only thing readers want is for the article to be legible. To make your content readable, choose a font that is clear, bold, and easy to read.

  1. Buildan Email List

It is one necessary factor you need to put in mind. It is because you never know when your site will attract readers’ attention. So, you should start an email list. To make this list, try using Convertkit. It is easy, reliable, and low-priced.

  1. GrowTraffic for Your Site

It is one constant factor many bloggers ask when designing their site. The simple means to grow traffic on your site is by getting referrals. I bet you are thinking about how to go about this. Well, the most likely method is to use search engines. Also, write content on what people are interested in. Dont just sit back and hope that people will type in your website. After publishing content, notify your subscribers.

  1. BeConsistent

Consistency is the key to getting more viewers to your page. No matter your level of writing and how good or bad it is, what matters is that you always post something. But note that the number of articles you post is not everything. As long as you can publish one or more articles every week that are readable, creative, and interesting, the readers will always be there to share your post. Forget what other bloggers say about having to post at least eight articles in a week. It does not work like that.

Setting up a website without coding is very easy. Just follow this guide to help you create your blog. If you are already blogging and see no results, you can also follow these steps. They will help you bring traffic to your site.

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