The rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic has many businesses shut down and many workers either out of work or working from home. Families are stuck at home in self-isolation and quarantine as an effective measure of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Even children are out of school and home all day, spending hours on end online with their tablets and mobile devices. And who can blame them? Mum and dad are doing the same thing, except they are shopping online since they can’t go to the shops.

Keeping that in mind, this puts today’s online businesses in a rather opportune position. Many business owners are complaining about losing sales from walk-in customers, while businesses with a well-designed website are serving more customers than ever.

So, what does all this mean when it comes to e-Commerce for businesses in this current climate having online shops? It means that they must strengthen their online presence and show the customers that they are open and ready to serve their needs.

Let’s look at some things that you can do to build your online presence during the coronavirus pandemic:

Manage Your Social Networks-start and manage social networks for your business. It is important for small business owners to not mix their professional life with their personal one. They should create separate social network accounts. If possible, use a separate desktop PC, laptop or mobile device to manage social activities for your business, to avoid mixing things up. Use social media platforms in the most efficient ways. Facebook and Twitter are good for providing real-time updates. Instagram and YouTube are better for providing visual reports and tutorials. LinkedIn is effective for interacting with co-workers, clients, suppliers, contractors and even competitors.

Start A Relevant Blog-you can share your opinion on Facebook and Twitter, but it could be buried easily by later posts. A blog added to your website is a more permanent platform and blog posts are easily discoverable using search engines. With a blog, you can provide advice and let readers contribute or interact with each other in the comment section. Try to differentiate yourself when blogging, by using a unique web design. It is also easy to integrate your social media and your blog, as you can invite social media users to your blog, and vice versa.


To learn more about what you can do to grow your business during the coronavirus pandemic, contact WEBXCELL today and speak to an experienced web development expert who can answer any questions you might have.

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